Bios [a] began its international experience in 2009, accompanying Catalan developers in their plans to expand to the African continent, and conducting feasibility studies in different cities in Morocco.

Since 2012 we have been based in the city of Casablanca, where we have developed projects and collaborations with both local and international clients.

In 2011 the studio made the leap to the Americas, with collaborations with local studios on projects in Ecuador and Mexico.
In 2017 we have the opportunity to participate in several hotel projects in Equatorial Guinea, thus starting our experience in sub-Saharan Africa.

Finally, in the year 2020 we started a feasibility study for a project in the industrial field in Cuba.
This is not just our international experience, as Bios [a] partners, in collaboration with other studies, have participated in projects in Algeria, France, Portugal, or Tunisia, to name a few.

This extensive international experience, and our well-established network of collaborators and experts, has allowed us to collaborate with companies in the field of architecture, construction, engineering and real estate development as external consultants, providing them with our knowledge of foreign markets.